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Hollywood actor becomes latest arrested in Jan 6 Capitol assault

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  • Hollywood actor becomes latest arrested in Jan 6 Capitol assault

    Hollywood actor becomes latest arrested in Jan 6 Capitol assault | Reuters

    Jay Johnston, whoever he is. Should I be impressed? Awed? Nauseated?

    The J6 Purge continues. I haven't read that the bounty system incentivizing the ever-expanding investigations have been ended, so I guess many thousands of us are still vulnerable to arrest and harassment. Government funding bill would give DOJ extra money for Jan. 6 prosecutions ( and FBI hero paying the price for exposing unjust 'persecution' of conservative Americans (​.​

    I'm especially impressed the government is seeking individual fines designed to confiscate any crowd-sourced funds raised for legal fees. Jan. 6 rioters are raking in thousands in donations. Now the US is coming after their haul | AP News

    Cross us and your life is trashed. I get it.

    Here's an emoji I don't use often:

    • "If we want equal outcomes, we need to take into account not everybody starts out on the same base, and we have to make adjustments." — Kamala Harris, explaining the "Equity" part of DEI, not laughing.
    • "Florida is where Woke goes to die." — Ron DeSantis.
    • "No one is above the law, and everyone has the right to a trial to prove innocence." — Nancy Pelosi, explaining our radically transformed system of justice.​​
    • "Put aside all of these issues of concern about liberties and personal liberties and realize we have a common enemy." — Dr. Anthony Fauci, foreshadowing NM Gov. Michelle Grisham..
    • "The woke mind virus is either defeated or nothing else matters." — Elon Musk, clarifying Fauci:​​​
    • "Don't underestimate Joe's ability to fuck things up."— Barack Obama's 1st Rule of Joe Biden.
    • "The way I see it, there's always, c'mon, there's always money. It's there." — Elizabeth Warren, explaining socialism.
    • "The interesting thing about the Green New Deal is it wasn't originally a climate thing at all.... We really think of it as a how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy thing." — Saikat Chakrabarti, then AOC's Chief of Staff.