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Zut alors! Archaeologists uncover [Frog-Eating Brits]

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  • Zut alors! Archaeologists uncover [Frog-Eating Brits]

    Zut alors! Archaeologists uncover ‘Heston Blumenthal-style’ feast at 8,000-year-old dig site that proves Brits were the first to eat frogs’ legs - not the French

    Discovery close to Stonehenge means that the French - far from being the inventors of the amphibious delicacy - may have stolen it from British cuisine

    JOHN HALL Author Biography WEDNESDAY 16 OCTOBER 2013

    Francophiles and foodies may want to look away now, for it appears a staple of France’s oft-celebrated cuisine may in fact have been stolen from that perennial punch line of the snooty gastronome - the United Kingdom.

    Archaeologists digging at the Mesolithic Blick Mead site, close to Stonehenge in Wiltshire, were shocked to discover the cooked leg of a frog among the charred remains of a fish and beef feast that is believed to have been prepared around 7,000 BC, at the tail end of the last ice age.

    The discovery means that the French - far from being the inventors of the amphibious delicacy - are likely to have stolen it from British cuisine at some point in the 8,000 or so years between the Blick Mead banquet and the 12th Century AD - when church records first refer to frogs’ legs being eaten in France.

    In fact, far from the primitive diet many would assume Britain’s Mesolithic and women endured, experts have actually compared dining at Blick Mead to a “Heston Blumenthal-style menu”.

    Among the other delicacies believed to have been consumed at the site were trout, salmon, wild boar, red deer with hazelnuts, steaks of aurochs [the ancestor of domestic cattle], and a dish of fresh blackberries for pudding.

    David Jacques, Senior Research Fellow in Archaeology at the University of Buckingham and the leader of the Blick Mead dig, said: “This is significant for our understanding of the way people were living around 5,000 years before the building of Stonehenge and it begs the question - where are the frogs now?”
    Too much more.

    "Alexa, slaughter the fatted calf."

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    Colonel Vogel : What does the diary tell you that it doesn't tell us?

    Professor Henry Jones : It tells me, that goose-stepping morons like yourself should try *reading* books instead of *burning* them!


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      In the summer of '68, me and two friends went pond frogging.
      We went late at night, onto a posted farm on the Mo/Kan border, near Asbury Mo if you need to know.

      We all three had a 3 pronged gig and a burlap sack and 6v waterproof flashlights. Dressed in shorts and sneakers that we were willing to throw away later.

      The farm had a number of ponds.

      We took over 200 frogs that night.
      At 4:00 am we were in one of the guys garage, chopping the saddles off of live frogs.

      Doug took them home and froze them.

      Later, we had a frog leg fry at Doug's house (actually, I was semi related to him -- he was married to my sister in law's husbands sister)

      He had a color TV and we ate frog legs and watched the first walk on the moon.
      Drank beer, ate frog legs till we were gonna burst.
      Stood in the back yard and looked up at the moon... knowing that the event was already over but just amazed that we were part of that history.

      Then we found out that frog legs cause anal/rectal cancer and the moon walk was fake.

      I have never recovered.

      btw, the Mo frog limit was 6 at the time.
      we were allowed 18 total...
      oh well...
      Robert Francis O'Rourke, Democrat, White guy, spent ~78 million to defeat, Ted Cruz, Republican immigrant Dark guy …
      and lost …
      But the Republicans are racist.