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  • Mortician humor

    The guy really is quite funny.
    Bask in the warmth of the Deep South
    No one will be denied:
    Big law suits and bathroom toots;
    We're all getting Dixie-fried.
    But somewhere Hank and Lefty
    Are rollin' in their graves
    While kudzu vines grow over signs that read "Jesus Saves."

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    We have a mortician up here that advertises on AM radio. He has run the Iditarod and he calls himself the "Mushing Mortician". That's funny enough but the first time I heard his ad I thought he really didn't choose his background music with much caring attitude. Then I really got to like it. He used "Spirit in the Sky".

    "When you die and they lay you to rest you're gonna go to the place that's the best......."
    If it pays, it stays