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Lightning Pics - post the ones you've taken

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  • Lightning Pics - post the ones you've taken

    This is a new hobby for me.

    IMG_6883 (1280x853).jpg



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    I love watching lightning. There's little I like more than a really fierce storm, and I'll go outside (under cover) specifically to watch one.

    Ain't no way in Haaaaiiilll that I would try to take pictures of lightning.

    "Hey! I've got an idea! There's a big electrical storm coming, so let's go outside and find a relatively high vantage point, and then put a metal camera on top of a metal tripod that is securely grounded to that high point and take pictures. What could possibly go wrong? How hard could it be?"

    I love them, and your pictures are great, but I won't be rushing to post any of my own.
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      Never see them up here. The interior of Alaska get lightening strikes that cause fires but I only ever even remember hearing thunder once here.
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        The third one is awesome!
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