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  • And you think you're tough...

    Maine mom gives birth in driveway

    GRAY, Maine (AP) - Frigid temperatures couldn't stop this delivery.
    Abigail Cain was in labor and about to leave for the hospital early Friday morning when she had no choice but to give but to give birth while standing in the driveway of her Gray home - in wind chills that reached minus-13 degrees.
    After the second contraction she felt she had to push, her father. Steve Bronish of Rumford, told the Sun Journal ( She had the car door open and was leaning on the seat when she gave birth to a 7-pound, 5-ounce healthy baby girl named Danica AnneMarie Cain.
    Her husband, who was inside the house getting a bag to take to the hospital, came out to hear a baby crying.
    The couple, who has a 2-year-old son, called an ambulance and mom and the baby were taken to the hospital.
    "It was 10 below out, and she had no help at all and out she came right in the driveway," Bronish said. "It's quite an amazing story. I'm pretty excited."
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    I hate to say it but 100 out 100 women i know who have had natural deliveries would kill to have a 5 minute labor and delivery even in a snowstorm on a driveway. Heck, they'd kill to do the same thing in stadium on the Jumbotron in any weather.

    That labor thing is apparently very unpopular.
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      There was another, not entirely dissimilar story about a woman in Ohio or New Jersey or some such a week or so ago when the last snopocalypse hit. She was apparently trying to get to the hospital, husband wasn't able to get the car very far, and she would up delivering on the sidewalk in a snow bank or something like that.

      I've said for a very long time that babies are going to come when babies decide that they are going to come, and there's really not much stopping it, nor do babies or anyone else care how sanitary, controlled, or otherwise sterile the situation is. We freak out in the US now if someone doesn't give birth in an OR that hasn't been previously scrubbed down by robots, complete with UV lights to eliminate any and all possible single-celled-organisms that might fall from the ceiling, but the simple reality is that today, perfectly healthy child birthing occurs all over the world, with very few complications in the grand scheme of things, in astoundingly poor sanitary conditions. And yet very few, relatively speaking, of those women or those children suffer any problems directly related to sanitary conditions at birth.

      Babies come. Deal with it.
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