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  • Well, that's ... different ....

    PHILADELPHIA - Police are searching for men who tied up a gas station clerk and then posed as employees, working the pumps and taking cash from unsuspecting customers.

    Detectives tell FOX 29 News the guys go in to rob a busy Hess Station by Philadelphia International Airport on Island Avenue.

    Apparently, the same guys who robbed this Hess station robbed another one on Passyunk Avenue last Wednesday, police now believe.

    They went into the Island Avenue station at 1 a.m., went to the cash register and told the clerk to open it up. But they weren't happy with what little cash they got. And they apparently were not in a hurry to make their getaway.

    So, the robbers stuck around. One was wearing a shirt with a Hess logo on it and began acting like he was working in the store and selling gas at a discount if everybody who drove in overnight agreed to pay cash.
    No reports on just how cheap they were selling the gas.
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