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Just in case you wanted an ocean-view hotel room in Madison, Wisconsin...

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  • Just in case you wanted an ocean-view hotel room in Madison, Wisconsin...

    ...the Best Western East Towne Suites is not the place for you.

    I was looking for a medium-sized meeting room for a client whose venue has fallen through on them. Doesn't particularly matter where, just so long as they can get about 175 people in the room for a couple of hours, and it's somewhere in the immediate vicinity of Madison, Wisconsin. So, third on the list of all possible hotels in Madison that has meeting facilities that are available on July 3 is the Best Western East Towne Suites. As I'm looking to see what kind of meeting space they have, I ran across this:

    I'm not really sure who in the hell it was that thought that they would get an ocean-view room in Madison, Wisconsin, but apparently someone, some time, was disappointed enough that the hotel needed to provide this disclaimer.
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    Ha! My guess is that someone cut and pasted from another Best Western that happens to be near a sea and just didn't bother to look and see that the sea in Madison cannot be seen.....ever!
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      "There will be some noise"