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  • Today's not from The Onion headline

    A police force has told members of the public to ignore people dressed as clowns if they meet them in the street.

    Norfolk police received a report from a member of the public alarmed by a clown sighting in Gaywood, near King's Lynn, on Tuesday evening.

    The suspect was described as wearing a "full clown outfit" with a red suit and red hair.

    The following evening the force received a similar report after two clowns were spotted near a skate park in the town. These people wore "Halloween-type" clown masks.

    In both cases, the callers reported being alarmed and being chased a short way up the road.

    It follows recent reports of the circus characters scaring people in Northampton.

    Anyone seen Gern lately?
    Bask in the warmth of the Deep South
    No one will be denied:
    Big law suits and bathroom toots;
    We're all getting Dixie-fried.
    But somewhere Hank and Lefty
    Are rollin' in their graves
    While kudzu vines grow over signs that read "Jesus Saves."

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    My sister (who fears clowns) will be frightened.