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Opposing team lets injured player score one last basket

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  • Opposing team lets injured player score one last basket

    Opposing team lets injured player score one last basket

    A rival basketball team let an opposing player with a season-ending injury score one final basket.
    Mike Bush, KSDK 11:31 a.m. EST February 26, 2014

    ARNOLD, Mo. (KSDK)- Fox High School Basketball Coach Jeremy Donald's philosophy is plan your practice, then practice your plan.

    "We're always coordinated, ready to go and we get things done in practice," Fox senior guard Erin Brischbach said.

    But the plan he helped pull off on Monday night still has people talking.

    Fox was playing Windsor High School, one of their top rivals.

    "Girls want to win every game, but it's definitely more important when it's your neighboring school," Coach Donald explained.

    And Windsor's top player, senior guard Kaylee Johnson, was out of the lineup with a season-ending knee injury.

    Johnson has been a starter for Windsor ever since she was a freshman, and this year, she was the team captain.

    "To have that (injury) end your career, that's every athlete's nightmare, "Windsor head coach Andrea Reed said.

    "I knew that I was done playing, " Kaylee said through tears. "That was really hard because it's been my life."

    So with Coach Donald's cooperation, they decided to give Kaylee one more memory.

    "They told me just before the game, "Kaylee said.

    It was senior night at Windsor and despite her injury, she was in the starting lineup. At the opening tip-off, Coach Donald told his team to ease up for just a moment so Kaylee could have her moment. Her team passed it to her under the basket and she made one final layup.

    "Sometimes, it's the right thing to do," Coach Donald said.

    "And I just thought it was the best thing ever that he would allow me to have that moment, "an emotional Kaylee said.

    In sports, it's been said that winning is everything, but on this night, what really mattered was doing the right thing.

    "We're not going to remember who won that game, "Brischbach said. "We're going to look back and say wow she got to score her last basket."
    "Alexa, slaughter the fatted calf."