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Why do people hate Crossfit?

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  • Why do people hate Crossfit?

    Excellent article!!
    If it pays, it stays

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    I don't hate it. I just don't care.
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      Originally posted by Adam View Post
      I don't hate it. I just don't care.
      Which is fine. It's hilarious to read the comments posted under some of the youtube videos. There actually is an active contingent of haters out there.
      If it pays, it stays


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        Why do people hate running, cross-country skiing, or hot yoga? Because at one point in time all these activities have been trendy and some devotees have over-hyped/over sold the activity with predictable results. No exercise method is right for everyone and people who claim that their method is right for everyone run into reality checks. That's just the way it is.

        Exercise/fitness methods aren't just about physical exertion or physical challenges. There's a lot more going on. Every method appeals to different personality types and has a place in different worldviews. Every method employs different psychological tactics and they all have different social connections.

        Crossfit appeals to a type of person with certain worldviews and goals.

        There's nothing with that - that's the reality. The fantasy is that Crossfit or any particular method will work realistically with any given person. If you hate being viewed/evaluated by others, no group method will be comfortable. If you hate being randomly hot/cold/wet then no outdoor method will work for you. If you hate unpredictability, no 'flexible' workout will feel good. If you are completely non-competitive, no progressive thing will be helpful. It's not all about the bio-mechanical motions.

        The article didn't really touch on these points. Crossfitters look like any fit people for their age-group, they don't look extra-sexy. Who cares about the finances with boxes and members? Who cares if someone thinks it's elitist (cross-country skiing has to be the most elitist 'sport' outside of sailing)?

        It's very trendy right now so it draws a lot of criticism as all trendy fitness thing do. In ten years it will either have matured into something more approachable or it will be a subculture like road-biking.
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          ....My Cousin purchased a Honda Crosstour and I made fun of him. "Oh, you're just trying to fit in at the Hamptons by driving something that looks like a Panamera. "

          That's what I think of Crossfit.