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  • Olympic Lifting says….

    Thank you Crossfit!!

    "I encountered something very different from my previous experience at this local meet. There were not 20 lifters but 70. Not a dozen spectators, there were a couple hundred. And they were engaged. They cheered and stood and crowded shoulder to shoulder for a better view. And mind you there were no world or national records being put up. Not even state records. They cheered for 150 or 200 pounds. And when someone put 300 pounds over their heads, the place went nuts.

    You see most of the crowd was CrossFitters. They knew what even two hundred pounds over their heads feels like. They know in their bones and tendons and shaking muscles just how heavy 300 pounds really is–and they appreciate like hell anyone who can get that from the ground to overhead and hold it."

    -------------------------------------------------------------Olympic Lifting coach Dan Bell
    If it pays, it stays