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  • RoboCop reducks

    OK, so we were bored and with nothing else to do we went out and saw the remake of RoboCop (1987).
    The original offering had humor, wicked bad guys and decent effects for the time. 24 years later the only thing that is improved over the original is the special effects and CGI and neither of those come close to making up for everything that is bad about this version.

    Without doing a point by point comparison, suffice it to say if you liked the Peter Weller / Ronnie Cox version, you will most likely dislike this one in direct proportions. The one saving grace is the performance of Samuel Jackson as the host of a TV show rabid in its defense of the obliteration of the rights of the population at the expense of a police state focused on crime reduction - which seems to be the driving focus of this version.

    If you really need to see this, at least wait until it is released at the 2 dollar cinema in a month or on Netflix a week or two after that, but don't say you weren't warned.
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    I did want to see that!

    I guess I can wait until it hit the $2 bin at Walmart.
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