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On foot in remote Cameroun

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  • On foot in remote Cameroun

    "#3 This is a foot savannah hunt for lord derby eland, northwestern buffalo, roan, western kob, warthog, oribi, bohr reedbuck, red river hog and others, this is in a community hunting zone where I have exclusive rights. The area is about 250,000 acres in size. A hard hunt and there are few of the smaller game, but good herds of buffalo and we pull eland from this area every year. This zone is our best if eland is your prime trophy, but it is a hard hunt. You are on foot for the whole hunt and there are no established camps."


    I've officially gone off the deep end with this one. Brett and I are one small signature and check away from booking this hunt for May 2016. Joyce will not be attending. The idea of the deep reaches of Cameroun, 110 degree heat, and mountains do not intrigue her.

    My real reason for wanting to do this is it happens to be unguided. You are met at the airport and have a team of porters and two trackers but no PH (professional hunter). I love DIY (do it yourself) hunts and other than Africa I've never been guided. It's illegal in most African countries for an outsider to hunt without a guide. CAR (too unstable right now), Congo, and Cameroun do allow it. Few try it because it is very, very difficult.

    Here's a hunt report from a friend in California that just finished the same hunt. He is a badass. He did the hunt regardless of the fact all his gear was lost by the airlines.

    Hunt Report with Pictures of Cameroun

    Hell, the train alone sounds like an adventure.
    If it pays, it stays

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    BTW, I love how Jerry started his hunt report.

    WARNING: this is NOT your usual body count hunt report because this was not your usual safari.i will be somewhat detailed in the description of day to day happenings simply because that is what made this more of an adventure and less of a "got there- shot this" narrative. if you only want pure hunt details, scroll down and look for a picture of something dead. also because ii am the world's slowest typist, this report will be filed over several days. if this all intrigues you, by all means read on and hopefully enjoy.
    If it pays, it stays


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      PM inbound!!
      If it pays, it stays


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        Surprised no one cracked on me for mis-spelling Cameroon.

        This trip would definitely be low body count. It's more about the location, being unguided, and the adventure. Of course I wouldn't turn down a nice Lord Derby Eland though.

        If it pays, it stays