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Missouri executes Michael A. Taylor for 1989 murder of teenager

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  • Missouri executes Michael A. Taylor for 1989 murder of teenager

    BONNE TERRE, Mo. — A Kansas City man who kidnapped, raped and killed a Raytown South High School freshman in 1989 was executed by lethal injection early today.

    Michael Anthony Taylor, 47, was pronounced dead at 12:10 a.m.

    Taylor and co-defendant Roderick Nunley pleaded guilty and were sentenced to death for fatally stabbing 15-year-old Ann Harrison on March 22, 1989, after kidnapping her from in front of her southeast Kansas City home while she waited for the school bus.


    After spotting Ann, one attacker got out of the car, grabbed her and tossed her into the vehicle. She screamed and fought, but they threatened to kill her if she did not stop.

    They drove her to the home of Nunley’s mother in south Kansas City. They forced her into the basement and bound her hands with wire.

    In his confession, Taylor said that they both raped her. His DNA was recovered. There was no physical evidence linking Nunley to the sexual assault, and he has always denied that he raped her.


    Ann refused when they told her to get in the car trunk. She pleaded with them not to kill her and said her parents would pay them if they let her go. They pretended to go along with that idea and said they were going to drive her to a pay phone to call her parents.

    Instead, they got knives from the kitchen and stabbed her to death.

    They abandoned the car several blocks away.
    It's been ten years since that lonely day I left you
    In the morning rain, smoking gun in hand
    Ten lonely years but how my heart, it still remembers
    Pray for me, momma, I'm a gypsy now