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I'm going to beat the rush and call this a hoax now.

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  • I'm going to beat the rush and call this a hoax now.

    Sexists remarks about a female pilot left on a passenger’s napkin aboard a Calgary flight bound for Victoria Sunday have prompted a heated response from the seasoned flier herself.

    Carey Steacy, a pilot of 17 years who currently works for WestJet, said she was “shocked” when alerted to the message left by someone named “David,” who was believed to be seated in 12E aboard Flight No. 463.

    David wrote that the cockpit of an airplane is “no place for a woman,” and asked that WestJet alert him the next time “a fair lady is at the helm, so I can book another flight!”


    Steacy didn’t take the comments lying down, posting a heated response to her Facebook page that instantly generated hundreds of re-posts and comments.

    “I respectfully disagree with your opinion that the ‘cockpit’ (we now call it the flight deck as no cocks are required) is no place for a lady,” she said. “In fact, there are no places that are not for ladies anymore.”

    And that's where my BS meter burst into flames. She has an agenda and this is a fake.
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    I'd be pretty surprised if Proverbs 31 said anything about the cockpit of an airliner.


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      I'm just wondering why the comment wasn't simply tossed. We solicit comments from both our clients and, sometimes regrettably, the general public. When we get one that appears to be from Planet Crazy Pants, we just toss it. We don't put it on our FB page, our company website, or any employee FB pages (we have confidentiality agreements for that sort of thing). Certainly no management person would seriously reply to a comment like that.

      So, hoax or really super bad company policies on publicity.
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