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  • Rant.....

    So, taxes were more complicated than usual this year. I couldn't do them online, so I went o H&R Block to enter in what I couldn't on the computer. The price went from what probably would have been sixty or so dollars to 175.00. It's not even forms. I just had to add a few extra stuff and that raises the price over a hundred dollars?

    He was like "Melanie, I hope this was a pleasurable experience for you." I made a funny look. "Well, it's necessary anyway. Can I make your appointment for next year?"

    Me: Not right now. (Translates into meaning not in your life).

    Him: And give these business cards to your friends who haven't completed taxes yet.

    Me (with a thought bubble): Why is he wasting his business cards.

    It wasn't him. It's the fact that adding just a few extra lines suddenly makes the price up over a hundred dollars. I think that's ridiculous.

    I guess I'm upset because I haven't been able to financially recover from Christmas and from doctor's appointments that I had to go to last year. And let me get this straight. I'm going to pay off my doctor's bills just so I can undergo an upper endoscopy and have to then struggle with at least a five hundred dollar bill (in theory, insurance covers the rest). Even though I make a lot more money than I used to, I guess I just struggle because I've added more bills to help the family out more.

    Two things.

    First, I'm going to find a way to do my taxes on paper next year (those online cheap tax services don't work). Maybe my sister can overlook it to see if I made any mistakes. She's into accounting though she doesn't want to be. lol.

    Second, I need more cowbell. I'm open minded to moving up in the company, but I've learned over the past few years that employers really have no loyalty toward good workers. Therefore, I am no longer going out of my way to be loyal to them. I'll still work hard for them and do a good job. I won't use the competition products while I'm wearing something related to work. I'll still show pride in the company. However, if I can find something making ten thousand more a year, I'm going for it. I won't wait for the company I currently work for. I have a four year degree. I'm going to apply it somehow. This is ridiculous. I guess I'm also pissed off because I work in a field which has no respect and that's how our employers are currently treating us as, with no respect. I take that personally. I shouldn't, but I do.