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    The attorney for the two girls who are charged in the microwaving of a cat says they did not intend to harm it.

    Two South Portland girls Thursday denied a felony charge that they tortured a kitten by placing it in a microwave oven as part of a video posted to social media.

    The girls, who were 15 at the time, appeared together in a Portland court before Judge Keith Powers. Both said they understood the felony animal cruelty charges against them and both denied the charges, the equivalent of a not guilty plea in adult court. They appeared contrite.

    The girls were given a June 2 date to return to court, but first must get a psychological evaluation, the judge ordered.

    “Torturing an animal is a marker for some serious behavioral problems but we don’t know if these defendants fit that profile,” said Cumberland County District Attorney Stephanie Anderson in explaining the importance of a psychological exam.


    “They were just doing something they thought was funny,” Cote said. “They wanted to make movies. They were playing ... I think they didn’t understand what took place here.”

    The girls shot a short video for Vine, a social media application that displays six-second submitted videos. The video shows one girl putting the kitten in the microwave and starting it, then, after a break in recording, the other girl taking it out.
    Bullshit they didn't understand. They're 16, not 6 (and really even a six-year-old knows better than to microwave a living creature). This is the beginning of an escalation of torture. These two need to be put away.
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    I could have gone all day without getting that mental movie stuck into my head.


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      This cat had to be hospitalized several days after the "prank". What 15 year old today is unaware of what happens to food in a microwave?

      I think they were narcissistic enough that they didn't care about harm to the cat "if it was just for a second". Normal teen girls would not want to do this (although they may want to do other unsavory things).
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        What exactly is the point of putting a living thing in the microwave if not to cause it harm?

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          How utterly horrible.

          Part of the article speculates that the damage was minimal because microwaves run for a second before they start the magnetron (if they still use those). Still, it obviously ran long enough to boil the cat's blood in places, which is what would have caused the clots.

          Even though the kitty is doing better now, it's in for a lifetime of possible suffering because of this act. It'll be at risk for developing cancers early in life and cataracts as it gets older. Even a few seconds of radiation at the level of a typical consumer microwave (750-1500 watts) is enough to kickstart those processes.

          Since the type of punishment these girls can suffer is limited and I don't want to be one of those internet types who wishes immediate death and harm on someone I don't even know, I can only hope that karma sees fit to give them both skin cancer or some other ironic malady as payback for this. I don't buy their remorse for a second, because I don't think they have any care or sympathy for animals or they wouldn't have done this in the first place.

          If nothing else, I hope Big Brother keeps an eye on them as they mature. Er, grow.
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