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Made strong through weakness

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  • Made strong through weakness

    Made strong through weakness!! How Crossfit transformed an Italian Prison

    "Suffering and struggling with life in jail, these prisoners discovered they could push even further than they thought possible. They found themselves in a more positive mood and able to deal with menial obstacles in life more aptly. They're achieving things and sticking with it.

    They also discovered a community that helps them form new, healthy habits and avoid relapse - unlike before. CrossFit is a new family for them. They know they cannot beat all their demons, but with new habits and a positive community, they are starting to believe they can keep them outside the door. Now, they let CrossFit in as their new “addiction.” As one prisoner told me, “At one time, we all gave our focus to addiction, but it’s not that hard to take your focus and turn it towards a positive addiction. In this way, we are made strong in our weaknesses.”
    If it pays, it stays