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Nevada School Shooting 'Hero' Teacher Was Former Marine

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  • Nevada School Shooting 'Hero' Teacher Was Former Marine

    A middle school math teacher was shot dead today while shielding students from a boy with a gun in a Nevada middle school.
    Two students were shot and wounded before the boy with the gun was killed. It's not clear how he died, but police said they did not fire any shots.
    The slain teacher was identified by his family as Michael Landsberry, a former U.S. Marine.
    "In my estimation is he's a hero," Reno's Deputy Police Chief Tom Robinson said at a news conference.
    Chanda Landsberry, the slain teacher's sister-in-law, told ABC News that he left beind a wife, Sharon, and two step-daughters.
    The two wounded boys were taken to Renown Regional Medical Center and were initially listed in critical condition, hospital spokeswoman Angela Rambo told
    Authorities said one of the students has been through surgery, while the second is said to be "doing well."
    It was the first day back from fall break when gunfire erupted around 7:16 a.m., a "time in the morning students are arriving, buses are arriving, the walkers are coming in through the gates outside. Kids are congregating out back….waiting for their day to start," Washoe County School District Chief of Police Mike Mieras said.

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