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  • McCarthy hearing musings

    I mentioned before I'm researching some of the history of the McCarthy censure hearings. I've come across the personal papers of the lead counsel for the Senate in that matter, E. Wallace Chadwick, Esquire. As was his character, his impressions of the hearings and the process were very sparse, and somewhat to the point. I found his observations on McCarthy, the man very interesting.

    "Senator Joe McCarthy.
    A unique personality. Difficult to appraise. I happen to have been in agreement with his avowed belief in the danger of the communist conspiracy. I urge you to believe in the reality of the threat. He must be credited with courage, or its useful concomitant, persistence. He was likeable, in my book; just as Harry Truman was to me a likeable man, altho I was mostly in complete disagreement with him. He never gave one inch of ground, either before the committee or later during the senate debate. (I cite this not in commendation, but as a sidelight on his personality.) I do not venture to comment further, either as to his actions or his future. I have no right to be a judge of him; but I think you should prepare yourself to form a balanced judgment with respect to him, and to other men who gain a conspicuous place in our nation."

    Judge Chadwick gave the senate committee high marks for their professionalism and thoroughness in reviewing the charges against Sen. McCarthy. It is indeed unfortunate that most people today have not really studied the McCarthy hearings or the actual issues at stake during that time period. The more I delve into them, the more interesting they get, for me.
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