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  • Football season

    Via e-mail a while back, and I was reminded of it again a few minutes ago on facebook:

    I know a lot of people are excited about this year's college football season. So, a brief recap of the 2012 season is in order:

    • Alabama beat Arkansas, and then Arkansas fired their coach.

    • Alabama beat Tennessee, and later UT fired their coach.

    • Alabama beat Auburn, and Auburn fired their coach.

    • Then, Alabama went on to beat Notre Dame in the BCS Championship, and after that, the Pope resigned!

    So, how do we get the White House to play against the Crimson Tide?
    Bask in the warmth of the Deep South
    No one will be denied:
    Big law suits and bathroom toots;
    We're all getting Dixie-fried.
    But somewhere Hank and Lefty
    Are rollin' in their graves
    While kudzu vines grow over signs that read "Jesus Saves."