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  • Two cows, updated

    Germany: You have two cows. Both are on strike because seventeen weeks of vacation is not enough.

    Obama's America: You have two cows. The Bureau of Land Management seizes them and surrounds your ranch with snipers.
    It's been ten years since that lonely day I left you
    In the morning rain, smoking gun in hand
    Ten lonely years but how my heart, it still remembers
    Pray for me, momma, I'm a gypsy now

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    America: You have two cows. The BLM uses snipers to kill one. An Interagency task force commander punches your wife. The Department of Social Services takes away your kids. An Obamacare Senior Services Outreach negotiator captures your Dad, disarms him, and drugs him for transport to a locked dementia facility. The EPA declares your hot tub a 'wetlands' and confiscates your land. The county animal control gives you a daily fine for having unsecured livestock. The police shoot your dog. The IRS confiscates the cow (the daily fines are still running) and they auction it off to buy more ammo for the Interagency taskforce. You are jailed for domestic abuse since your wife would have never been punched if you hadn't owned two cows.
    "Alexa, slaughter the fatted calf."


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      Oh well, not a Rosanne Barr, Rosie O'Donnell lesbian love thread. Had it been Grease would have been a good title.