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Apparently, we have idiots on the Supreme Court

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  • Apparently, we have idiots on the Supreme Court

    The first article I've seen today about what the oral arguments were like in the Hobby Lobby case (it's more than just Hobby Lobby, but that's easier shorthand). It's the reporter's contention that the court looks to be leaning in favor of Hobby Lobby.

    Then I got down to this:
    Kennedy hinted at some sympathy for the government. He wondered whether the objecting companies might have alternative means to avoid providing the coverage. Rather than face fines for not providing the contraception coverage, might they instead be able to pay employees more to buy their own health insurance, thereby circumventing their religious objections?

    "How is the employer hurt? He can just raise the wages," Kennedy asked Clement.

    Well, no, he can't. The law doesn't allow that for larger companies. They get slapped with a "fee" if they do that. Hasn't this guy even read the law he's ruling on?
    Kennedy was seizing on similar comments made by liberal justices Sonia Sotomayor and Kagan. Kagan noted that if a company were to drop its health insurance, it would face a $2,000 per employee tax under Obamacare, which would cost roughly the same as providing health insurance.

    Now, that could be just a poorly-written sentence. Actually, it is a poorly-written sentence, but it certainly reads to me like Elena Kagan thinks that it costs about $2000 to provide Obamafail-approved health insurance to an employee. And if that's the case, then she's just too out of touch with reality to be sitting on the bench.
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    $2000 for health insurance?

    Um, no.

    The average is $328 per month, almost twice as much.

    New data on health care premium costs released by the Department of Health and Human Services Wednesday has been analyzed and scrutinized by experts across the nation. The data shows that Americans will pay an average of $328 a month for a middle tier health plan, while other anlysis shows that health costs may go up for younger Americans under the Affordable Care Act.
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