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Harry Reid thinks you're stupid and THAT'S why you're not on Obamafail

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  • Harry Reid thinks you're stupid and THAT'S why you're not on Obamafail

    They'e do ANYTHING to avoid admitting that this whole catastrophic misadventure was predicated upon the great big lie that there were tens of millions of people who had no health insurance and couldn't get it. That has been thoroughly, undeniably proven to have been a great big fat fucking lie from the Left all along.
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    I think when you try to apply many times and get logged out or whatever, that's not a reflection of your lack of Internetty-ness skills. I think if you log on and your don't like the prices, that's not an access problem.

    People don't need Internet education; most of them have no trouble banking online, doing FB, downloading porn, or using MapQuest. A lot have had software problems using the site and others have used it and declined.

    A few weeks ago Michelle Obama opined that the average working woman was just too stupid to figure out portions sizes and calories when she stood in a supermarket after work holding a can of peas. Now, Reid seems to think that the average American who organizes a fantasy football team or a Pinterest board is just too dumb to work a government website.

    "Alexa, slaughter the fatted calf."


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      It's not that people are too stupid to sign up, it's that people picked by the government to program this piece of shit are too stupid.
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