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Rep. Mike Rogers retiring from Congress, going into radio

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  • Rep. Mike Rogers retiring from Congress, going into radio

    Michigan Rep. Mike Rogers is not seeking re-election to Congress, ending a 14-year career in Washington.

    Rogers, the 50-year-old chairman of the Intelligence Committee, will join Cumulus, the talk radio company.

    “As I close this chapter please know that I am not finished with the effort to bring back American ‘exceptionalism,’” Rogers said in a note to supporters. “Not in the sense of a great notion, but in the sense of impacting the hopes and dreams of a great nation and her people. You may have lost my vote in Congress but not my voice. I look forward to building on our successes and confronting America’s challenges together.”

    Rogers is a very close ally of Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio).

    The youngest of five sons, Rogers graduated from Adrian College in 1985. He then became a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army via the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps at the University of Michigan.

    Rogers joined the FBI in 1989 as a special agent in the Chicago office, focusing on public corruption and organized crime, among other issues. In 1995, he was elected to the Michigan Senate, rising to majority floor leader in 1999.
    Can't say I blame him. I'm sure the money is a lot better, as are the hours.

    It's actually kinda nice to see someone do it the right way: serve a few terms in Congress, and then go back home when they're still relatively young. Seems like that usually only happens when someone is caught in a scandal and is run out of town on a rail.
    It's been ten years since that lonely day I left you
    In the morning rain, smoking gun in hand
    Ten lonely years but how my heart, it still remembers
    Pray for me, momma, I'm a gypsy now