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  • Making lemonade

    With a to Twitchy:

    Apparently, SNL this weekend poked some fun at Rand Paul and others in the GOP. The jab at Paul was particularly about his "connecting" with younger voters, e.g. at Berkeley a couple of months ago. So, they portrayed him as a DJ.

    Not to be outdone, Paul decided to make lemonade out of it:

    And there are quite a few more like that.

    I have to say, that says a lot for him that he can take that completely in stride and turn it around to an advantage. He's liable to get a whole lot more young people out for the conservative cause than any of the pundits had previously thought.
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    Funny skit and good for him. I doubt he's going to get much in the way of the young vote. Being responsible just isn't sexy to the hipsters. I don't blame them, really.
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      Hey, Rand, don't trust the YouTube descriptions. George Harrison, Jeff Lynne and Ringo Starr were not in The Heartbreakers. That was a Tom Petty solo project. And "Spirit of the Radio"? Dude.
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