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Lawmakers probe reports of property owners kicked off federal land amid partial shutd

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  • Lawmakers probe reports of property owners kicked off federal land amid partial shutd

    Republican lawmakers plan to investigate mounting reports that federal officials are kicking families out of their homes and shuttering private businesses because they sit on federal parkland -- describing the spectacle as an over-the-top response to the partial government shutdown.

    "We are receiving a lot of reports" of businesses being shut down, said Mallory Micetich, spokeswoman for Republicans on the House Natural Resources Committee.

    She confirmed the committee is investigating these reports, as part of a widening probe into the National Park Service's response to the partial government suspension.

    Micetich cited as one example a privately run inn along the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina.

    The innkeeper tried, unsuccessfully, to repel federal efforts to shut down his business, the Pisgah Inn, last week.

    Owner Bruce O'Connell told on Monday that rangers are still outside his business, blocking the entrance to the parking lot. As of late Monday morning, he said there were three cars and five rangers stationed outside.
    This is just astounding. Apparently, Obama is so incredibly narcissistic and tone-deaf that he actually thinks that the American people don't know that he is personally doing this as his own little petulant vendetta against the country for not liking his "signature 'achievement.'" I knew the guy was a petty child all along, but this just amazes me. He has actually pressed the Park Police into being his own little brown-shirt brigade. It's not like everyone doesn't know that he's personally ordering this; any idiot with one eye and a grain of sense can already see that, so confirmation of this was just a formality.
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    Is this working, though? The Obama voters I've talked with who self-identify as Independent think the White House is to blame for all this - not the Republicans. These people aren't die-hard believers, of course. They voted for Obama because they were tired of what they'd heard about Bush and because Obama claimed (or his people claimed) that he would end the wars, close Gitmo, and bring in a transparent form of governance.

    They are pissed off but not particularly at Republicans, it's the White House and the Senate they seem to blame; the institutions.
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