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  • The Government efficiency - ACA


    "Monday and Tuesday afternoon, the portal worked for two people in the offices at Enroll Alaska who were able to enroll. Cherise Fowler, an outreach and enrollment coordinator with the Alaska Primary Care Association, said Thursday that the 25 community health centers across the state have reported five people signed up for health insurance that will begin Jan. 1.


    "A series of technical glitches have left many individuals in the state barred from creating accounts altogether or locked out of viewing the list of insurance plans once signed in on the federally run"


    "Enroll Alaska is a division of Northrim Benefits Group that was launched as brokerage to focus on the individual marketplace. It receives commission from health insurance companies based on enrollment numbers. As of Wednesday, that number is two. There were 25 agents hired just to help people sign up for insurance.

    "With the amount that we're trying, two is unfortunate," she said. "It's better than nothing. However, our hopes were to be enrolling 100 to 200 people a day."

    So these folks get a commision for successfully signing people up and supposedly know what they are doing. I wonder how successful someone can be trying it on their own.
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