Imagine that. A small group of people, a purported minority, closing down government services for everyone else.

And all because they have a dispute about money over something that was "already settled."

This is not something that the people want. They want their services provided by the government. Those guys blockading services for everyone else are just horrible, greedy people serving the interests of their horrible, greedy financial backers.

Why, no one should even be able to shut down government services. Or if they do, then those on the opposite side politically should be able to make it as personally painful as possible, no matter how expensive or unnecessary forcing that pain upon others is. After all, that minority shouldn't be able to shut down government services, shouldn't be able to decide how much money they will spend, even if it is their specifically stated job in the law to decide what money gets spent and what doesn't.

If only those people in the had not gone about this utterly irrational mode of shutting down government services against the wishes of just about everyone else.

Darn those extremists for doing this!