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    •A New Jersey senior is suing her parents for support and college tuition, claiming they kicked her out of the house.

    "A judge in Morristown Tuesday ruled against immediately forcing Rachel Canning’s parents — her father a retired police chief — to pay her $650 weekly child support and pay for her remaining year of high school tuition, as she requested in a lawsuit filed last week. Judge Peter Bogaard scheduled a hearing for next month to decide whether to require her parents to pay for Canning’s college tuition."
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    Good. She can do what many other girls have done... Waitress... Bartend... Dance.



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      Wow! I understand why the girl thinks she can destroy her family relationships and abuse the time of the court system - she's an empty-headed idiot.

      What I can't understand is why the parents of the friend are footing the bill for this case. Thousands of people avoid playing basketball and manage to work their way through college without parental intervention or support. Surely she can too.
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        Keep in mind this is not only for college support, but current child support and private school.

        This happens all the time if the parents are divorced or separated and one parent disagrees with private school and/or college. The novelty here is that the parents are currently intact.

        In Pa. this would not go forward due to the fact that she's 18...a third party and/or the child can not get child support beyond 18, even though she hasn't graduated from high school yet (the custodial parent, however, can get that support on her behalf until she graduates from high school).

        New Jersey, however, does provide for college support (unlike most states). Generally, however, those statutes are limited to applying only in the event the parents are divorced or separated. In PA, the college support statute was ruled unconstitutional due to the fact that it doesn't apply to intact families...hence no college support for anyone!
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          She got a full ride to Western New England.
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