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Oh no! We're all DOOMED!

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  • Oh no! We're all DOOMED!

    The government’s newest national assessment of climate change, released early Tuesday, declares what a wide majority of scientists say is clear: Americans are already feeling the effects of global warming.

    Heavy Northeast downpours unleashed by super storms such as Sandy, flooding from sea-level rise from Norfolk to Miami along the Atlantic Ocean, record-setting monster wildfires in several Western states, a crop-destroying heat wave in the Midwest, and drought that has parched southern California, have all taken place in recent years.

    “The report affirms a number of things we have known,” said Katharine Hayhoe, a Texas Tech University professor and lead co-author of the changing-climate chapter of the assessment.

    “But there are new aspects,” Hayhoe said. “For a long time we have perceived climate change as an issue that’s distant, affecting just polar bears or something that matters to our kids. This shows it’s not just in the future; it matters today. Many people are feeling the effects.”
    Remember, everyone: climate is NOT weather.

    Unless it is weather because it's convenient, that is.

    Rolling up to the 3,467th time that Obama "pivots to jobs," I guess.
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    Also, a wave lapping up on shore is not the tide coming in. However, the tide coming in will have an effect on the waves lapping up on shore.


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      Also, climate is constantly changing. They grew grapes in Britain in Medieval times, then they couldn't grow grapes, now they do. Greenland was green for a couple of centuries. Climate changes killed off the colonization effort. Shores grow and recede.

      One thing we do know for a fact - all human populations historically have done much, much better during warmer periods than during cooler periods. The effect on labor, commerce, migration, cost-of-living, health, and welfare is undeniable across many centuries.

      There is no Ur climate. Our effects on the atmosphere are tiny and have no effect against planetary changes. The Sun is far and away the greatest input into this system.

      Science has no 'consensus'. There are only data sets. In this case, the data sets show typical variation given the solar input and our position in terms of the close of the interglacial period.

      If you want to worry about something, worry about that. It will happen and we're overdue. Current scientific notions about the close of interglacial periods show that abrupt changes happen within 10-25 years. Fatal changes happen within 100 years.
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