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The excellent work of the "Humane Society of the United States"

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  • The excellent work of the "Humane Society of the United States"

    Amazing how many of the animal rights groups are nothing more than donation schemes bilking the mindless out of millions.

    HSUS and Co-Defendants Pay $15.75 Million in Racketeering Lawsuit

    "The suit stems from litigation that animal rights activists, including an HSUS affiliate, pursued against the owner of the Ringling Bros. circus, Feld Entertainment. In that case, activists claimed that the circus was unlawfully harming elephants in its care, and their key witness was a former Feld handler.

    However, as that case unfolded over a decade, a payment scheme was discovered going from plaintiffs and their lawyers to this witness. The court eventually threw out the lawsuit, finding that the witness was a “paid plaintiff” who was “not credible.” This paid witness even “lied” to the court.

    Feld then filed suit under RICO, alleging bribery, illegal witness payments, and other torts. The ASPCA settled in late 2012 for $9.3 million. And today, the other co-defendants have paid $15.75 million.

    The animal liberation movement has long been associated with extremist, bullying, and sometimes even terroristic tactics in pursuit of its radical goal to institute prohibition on how we use animals, whether for food, fiber, or entertainment."
    If it pays, it stays

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    I never give a dime to the ASPCA or the HSUS. Local Humane Societies are usually okay but the national office is corrupt beyond belief.
    "Alexa, slaughter the fatted calf."