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  • Swap meet?

    Frosty has had an interesting idea: perhaps we can have a "swap meet" forum here for trading goods (and, I suppose, services, at least theoretically).

    Get rid of old junk, move ideas, perhaps even just make stuff to sell at a tiny NEIP craigslist.

    For obvious reasons, NEIP cannot guarantee any product or service, nor can NEIP be directly involved in any particular transaction, but providing a neutral place for mutually-beneficial commerce seems harmless enough.


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    I think it's a very good idea.
    "Faith is nothing but a firm assent of the mind : which, if it be regulated, as is our duty, cannot be afforded to anything but upon good reason, and so cannot be opposite to it."
    -John Locke

    "It's all been melded together into one giant, authoritarian, leftist scream."


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      I wouldn't trust anything this Frosty guy says personally.
      If it pays, it stays


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        Could be the official video….

        If it pays, it stays


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          As long as Joyce doesn't try to list Frosty under the "old junk" category, sounds good to me.
          We are so fucked.


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            Originally posted by gary m View Post
            As long as Joyce doesn't try to list Frosty under the "old junk" category, sounds good to me.
            The management of NEIP does not make any guarantees regarding the quality or status of anything as "junk," whether it is in a trunk or not.*

            *The lawyers made me say this.


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              I don't think I would make use of it, basically because I consider almost all of you low-rent swine, but reading about someone else getting hoodwinked and taken to the cleaners by another member might give me some laughs.

              I say full speed ahead.

              By the way, everyone, I've just come into a fantastic investment opportunity in Nigeria. Get on board early.