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Memorial Day weekend

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  • Memorial Day weekend

    This weekend, Americans all over will celebrate the unofficial beginning of summer. All across the land, grills will be lit, hamburgers and hot dogs and steaks and chicken will be grilled, hopefully to perfection, as families gather to celebrate an extra day off of work. Families will prepare for, or depart on, vacations all over, foreign and domestic.

    Let us all please remember the reason for this extra day off, though. Let us all take at least one moment to think of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for the safety, the security of this nation. Let us all pause in a moment of thought, a moment of prayer, a moment of reflection, and most importantly a moment of thanks for those who have bled so that we may be free.

    I encourage everyone to take the time to try to offer some manner of thanks to those who serve, be it a donation of one's time, effort, or money to a worthy Veteran's cause, or even just offering a veteran or active service member a heartfelt thanks for their service. Those who serve us have sacrificed more than we who are civilians can ever truly know. Those who have given the ultimate sacrifice have given more than any of us who survive them can ever know.

    And please, keep the families of those who have lost a loved one in your thoughts and prayers. That loss never goes away.

    And for those who have served, please allow me to personally extend to you my most heartfelt thanks for all you have done for this great nation.

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    Well said.
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